How do the Rankings work?

How do I participate?

Just by playing in any Playfulbet event you will automatically be in our rankings. The more events you play the more chances you have to be in the TOP, a steady record will be your best friend and making risky bets will be even better. Play every day to be among the ranked and to get free prizes.

Who can participate?

All players, regardless of their level, have the same chance of winning the prizes, and all take part in the ranking equally.

For how long do rankings last?

Each leaderboard lasts fifteen days. The first one of each month will take place from the 1st to the 15th, while the second one will span from the 16th until the end of that month.

Are Draws and Pools included?

At the moment, neither Draws or Pools are taken into account for the leaderboard results.

How I can get a prize from the rankings?

Players placing in the top positions of each leaderboard win a number of Coins. General ranking and Sports rankings have different prizes and awarded positions. Right next to each ranking you can see the exact amount of winners and awarded Coins of that ranking.

How do I go up in the ranking?

The value that calculates the position in the ranking is the ranking score. That score is a calculation that takes into account the odds you usually played on (both wins and losses).

To get a high score and be well within the TOP prize, you have to properly forecast events, the more wins the better and if you bet on high odds even better. This does not mean that if you bet on an safe and lower odd you will not have a good ranking position, but maybe a braver user will come ahead of you ;)

Only resolved events will be taken into account.


The rankings are currently very dynamic and very competitive, so we recommend you to play every day in your favorite events and to make bold bets, this doesn't mean you have to use all your Coins.You decide the amount of Coins to bet, but preferably play on new events, leagues or sports. The more active you are, the better! ;)

Check your status every day in the ranking to see how close you are to a prize or if you are still within the winners. Remember that it is important that you stay within the TOP positions of the Ranking when it ends.